Reasons to advertise with Keep The Faith and the Black Christian Directory

Exposure to the right audience plays a major part in achieving success. One audience worth exposing yourself to is Britain’s Black and multi-ethnic faith community – the most prosperous, educated and community-minded sector of the UK’s BME population.

We can offer inexpensive and effective advertising in print, electronically to our database, via newsletters, online, via our Social Media sites and in our directory.

Newsletter E-Blasts
If you need a quick, effective and more importantly inexpensive way to reach Britain’s Black and multi-ethnic Christian community (BME), our eblast service is a great choice! Our database has now exceeded 32,000+ registered subscribers comprising people of all ages and backgrounds; 3-generations of church goers. Your message will also be seen by over 16,000+ on our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram (This figure is increasing daily!). We also send out a series of 5 Tweets minimum (included in the price).

Our database is considered as the most valuable tool by our clients who are wanting to communicate with the BME community and in particular, the Black and multi-ethnic faith community.

All you have to do is provide the text for tweets and artwork for the eblast, which is to be supplied as a JPGs plus a hyperlink and we can send it out immediately! (or within 48 hours’ subject to ads already queued on our server.) The artwork should be around 600 pixels wide @ 72dpi (which is around 8 inches/20 cm) but there is no restriction on length. If you do not have artwork we can help create your message on our templates. However, charges may be incurred for design work (subject to amount of work involved). If preferred, and you have your own newsletter, you can send us the full html code (with header and footer) and we can incorporate that into our software. It’s as simple as that!

The cost for this service is:

£150.00 for one e-blast (Just £5.00 per 1000 recipients)
£199.00 for two e-blasts (Just £99.50 per e-blast – £3.31 per 1000 recipients)
£250.00 for three e-blasts (Just £83.00 per e-blast – £2.76 per 1000 recipients)
£305.00 for four e-blasts (Just £76.00 per e-blast – £2.53 per 1000 recipients)
£425.00 for six e-blasts (Just £70.00 per e-blast – £2.30 per 1000 recipients)

Keep The Faith magazine (Print)
If you want to be included in our next print issue of Keep The Faith we have a special offer which is editorial coverage in addition to ad space. The special double page spread offer (very limited per issue) which is a full page editorial article and a full page colour advert for just £950.00 (plus VAT if applicable (rate card £2,400). This feature is also sent out via our database and also reproduced on our website at no extra charge!

We can offer quarter, half and full page advertising and advertorials.

Top reasons to advertise
Keep The Faith is acknowledged by the general media as ‘Britain’s leading publication
about Black and multi-ethnic faith’, and is considered the most effective vehicle for
reaching BME communities nationwide. Keep The Faith is read by three generations of
churchgoers and read on a 4:1 ratio.

Keep The Faith has been published for 10 years and is trusted by its readers; they feel
part of the magazine as it represents them in a positive way.

Keep The Faith ’s editorial contributors are some of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers, and successful entrepreneurs within BME communities. They include Rev David Shosanya (Director, London Baptist Association), Bishop Dr Joe Aldred (Churches Together in England), Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts (Racial Justice Coordinator, Baptist Union), Dionne Gravesande (Head of Church Advocacy, Christian Aid), Marcia Dixon (PR specialist and former KTF editor), Juliet Fletcher (leading UK Gospel Music pioneer, TV & Radio Producer, Director of GreenTree Productions and CEO of GMIA), Arthur Torrington OBE (Historian) and Dr Robert Beckford (Theologian) – to name a few. HRH Prince Charles, PM David Cameron and Sir Bob Kerslake have also contributed an editorial feature in Keep The Faith.

Keep The Faith editorial policy is informative, educational, aspirational and inspirational.

Keep The Faith works in partnership with various other media and organisations, such as
The Bible Society, Christian Resources Exhibition, Street Pastors, OH TV, UGN Radio and
VineJuice online Radio & TV and many other sources via DAB digital radio, television,
satellite, digital cable and the internet.

Black Christian Directory
Britainʼs Black and multi-ethnic (BME) churches are amongst the largest in the country ‒ with several having a regular attendance of 4000+ – and are renowned for their spiritual fervency, their lively worship and their strong belief in the bible. Not only that, being a member of a Black church helps those who attend to develop additional useful skills such as public speaking, event organising, fundraising, singing, and volunteering which they have been able to utilise in the outside world. Increasingly, BME churches also run a wide range of community projects which are designed to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the Black community.

The Black UK Christian Directory was specifically designed as a networking tool, having many uses for churches, businesses, organisations and individuals who wanted to connect with the burgeoning Black and multi-ethnic Christian community nationwide.

The first edition of the Black Christian Directory was launched in print in 2008. The foreword was written by HRH The Prince of Wales. There were over 4,000 listings offering goods, advice and services from within the BME Christian community.

The directory was republished in 2012 with the foreword written by our valued supporter of Keep The Faith and the Black Christian Directory, Dr Tayo Adeyemi (1964 – 2013), the founder and senior minister at New Wine Church.

We have relaunched the directory website linking it to Keep The Faith website which has a following of 32,000 registered subscribers of our newsletter and a further 16,000 social media followers to ensure all listings in the directory are promoted to our vast audience!

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Keep The Faith™ magazine (founded 2005) and the Black Christian Directory (founded 2008) is published under license by Keep The Faith Limited. Both publications were founded and are owned by Shirley McGreal