Marian Adejokun

motivational speaker

Marian Adejokun
Empower, encourage and inspire our youths
Marian Adejokun is 26 years old and has just finished her MA in Early Years education at UCL Institute of Education. She also has a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. It has always been Marian’s passion to speak at schools primary, secondary and higher education as she likes to use that platform to empower young children, youths and adults about her story.

Back in 2011, Marian suffered from a one in a million rare deadly allergy reaction to eye drops which caused her whole skin to peel off from head to toe and she ended up in a coma for a month. The name of this deadly illness is known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Despite all the odds, Marian pulled through making it to university to complete her degree.

Marian has been interviewed on BBC NEWS and ITV NEWS just to name a few, and has also spoken amongst the Martin Luther King Jr family during the Atlanta Global Humanitarian Summit back in March 2016. She is also a published author of two books.

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