MD Public Relations

MD Public Relations is run by Marcia Dixon, one of the most well known Public Relations specialists within the black Christian community.

She has excellent relationships with key movers and shakers within the church community, as well as the media, and is able to utilise these to good effect for the benefit of clients who use MD Public Relations services.

MD Public Relations was nominated for a European Federation of Black Women Business Owners Award in 2004, and in 2005, the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance included Marcia Dixon in their list of 21 people who have contributed greatly to the development of Britain’s black Christian community.

In 2010 Ms Dixon was appointed as a Faith Advisor to the British Government, and was a member of a panel comprised of 13 faith advisors who acted as a ‘sounding board’ to advise the government on effective engagement with faith communities.

Ms Dixon is editor of Keep The Faith, Britain’s leading publication about the black Christian community and is a columnist with The Voice, Britain’s best-selling black newspaper.

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